How Do You Make Christmas Candy Cane Nails?

How Do You Make Christmas Candy Cane Nails?

How Do You Make Christmas Candy Cane Nails?

To create a lasting Christmas candy cane design on nails, paint nails with red nail polish before painting bright white diagonal stripes to create a candy cane effect. Extend the life of the manicure by preparing nails before getting started and adding a durable topcoat to minimize chipping.

  1. Prep nails

    Prepare nails by removing any current nail polish before clipping or trimming nails. File nails, moving only in one direction, to shape nails as desired. Wash hands to remove any nail dust or residue from hand lotion or the polish remover. Any residue on the nails can prevent the polish from adhering properly.

  2. Build the base

    Apply a base coat to nails. Allow it to dry before applying two coats of red nail polish. Allow two full minutes between coats to allow each layer to dry enough for the following layer to adhere.

  3. Paint white stripes

    Dip a nail art brush or pen in bright white nail polish. Paint diagonal stripes onto each nail. To make the candy cane look natural, vary the thickness of each line and the distance between white lines.

  4. Seal the deal

    Add a clear topcoat to seal the design. The topcoat also helps minimize chipping while adding shine to nails.