How Do I Make My Chin Hair Grow Faster?

Eating protein, taking biotin, drinking water and reducing stress are ways to support hair growth in general and, specifically, the growth of chin hair. Conditioning chin hair with oil helps to protect it while it grows.

Hair is protein, specifically keratin, a fibrous structural protein. The body uses dietary protein to manufacture other forms of protein it requires. Hair grows when protein cells in the root of a follicle rapidly divide. Drinking sufficient water is also important, as it helps the body to use protein and flush out protein wastes more efficiently.

Some evidence supports a link between biotin and hair growth. Hair-growth supplements typically contain biotin, a B vitamin; this is also available as a stand-alone product. Thirty micrograms daily is a sufficient intake level for adults over the age of 29.

The adverse effect of stress on hormones is a known cause of hair loss and decelerated hair growth. Relaxing and avoiding stress may, in turn, encourage the development of chin hair. Getting enough sleep helps the body to combat stress and gives it time to repair and rebuild itself.

Keeping chin hair well conditioned is essential to its health. A nightly application of castor oil moisturizes and protects the hair shaft. The oil should be washed off each morning.