How Do You Make Cheap Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is a festive holiday marked by candy, trick-or-treating, parties and costumes. Though you can go all out with expensive, store-bought costumes, it's easy to make a cheap outfit at home by carefully selecting a base from your current wardrobe and adding inexpensive or home-crafted accessories to complete the look./

  1. Pull out your basics

    Most home-made costumes can be constructed from monochromatic basics. Black leggings or jeans and a black T-shirt can be the basis of a variety of costumes. Some common clothing items lend themselves specifically to certain costumes. A red and white shirt, for instance, can be styled into a "Where's Waldo" ensemble. High socks can be used to imitate schoolgirls, athletes and colonial figures.

  2. Get creative with accessories

    Once you have gathered your palette of clothing, obtain some accessories to pull together the look. A beret can turn a stream-lined black outfit into a beatnik or a French person costume. A flowery necklace and some streamers creates a convincing hula dancer, and a collection of dangling earrings and necklaces combined with a headband can transform almost any skirt into a fortune teller costume.

  3. Use makeup

    Apply makeup to create classic Halloween looks. Black and white face paint or even eyeliner can be used to make you look like a zombie or a variety of animals.