How Do You Make Candy Leis?

How Do You Make Candy Leis?

Candy leis are made from candies rolled up in strips of clear cellophane that are taped together or held together with ribbon. Candy leis can be any length and contain any kind of candy.

Candy leis are an excellent non-allergenic option for luaus, bon voyage parties and other kid-friendly events. These leis can be made ahead of time with a few simple supplies, including clear cellophane, tape, scissors, ribbon and candy.

Step 1: Cut the cellophane

Measure and cut a strip of cellophane that is long enough to wrap around the neck with plenty of room to lift over the head. The cellophane strip should be wide enough to wrap around the candy, about 4 to 5 inches wide.

Step 2: Fill cellophane with candy

Place small handfuls of candy into the center of the cellophane strip. Wrap the cellophane over onto itself and tape closed at the seams.

Step 3: Tie ribbon around the cellophane

Tie small pieces of ribbon around the cellophane leis at set intervals. This adds some color to the leis, divides the candy up into small packets and adds further support to the cellophane. Use ribbon to tie off each end of the cellophane leis.

Step 4: Tape cellophane ends together

Tape the cellophane leis together at the ends to complete. A small name tag or decorative accent attached to the taped together ends help hide them.