How Do You Make a Bun With Braids?

How Do You Make a Bun With Braids?

Make a bun with braids by French braiding hair up the back of the head. Twist the braid into a small bun at the top of the head, and pin it in place.

  1. Collect the materials

    Gather a brush, a comb and bobby pins. Hairspray is optional.

  2. French braid the hair

    Flip all hair over, and brush to eliminate tangles. Separate the hair into three sections to braid up the back of the head. Grab a section of hair at the nape of the neck approximately 2 to 3-inches in diameter. Start braiding towards the crown by winding the left section over the center strands. Move to the right side and repeat by twisting the hair around the center section. Continue leaning over, but shift posture as needed. Stop styling the hair when the braid reaches the forehead. Do not bind the braid with an elastic tie.

  3. Comb the sides

    Comb out the braided sides to loosen the hair.

  4. Form a top-knot

    Sit up and bring the remaining hair to the top of the head. Style into a small bun or top-knot at the center of the head. Pin the bun in place with bobby pins. If desired, spray with hairspray.