How Do You Make a Braided Headband?

How Do You Make a Braided Headband?

To make a braided headband, grab a section of hair from behind one ear, then braid it. Add strands of hair from along the top of the head to the braid. Finish the braid behind the other ear.

Headband braids are very easy DIY hairstyles for women with long hair, but women with medium length hair may find the style more challenging. To get the same look, try a French braid.

  1. Braid a section of hair

    Pick a small section of hair from behind one ear; most people choose the right ear. Braid the hair in an upward direction.

  2. Add strands of hair

    Pick up a strand of hair along the line where you would like the headband to rest across the top of your head. Add the strand of hair to one of your braid strands. Pull it tight, and continue braiding. This keeps the headband braid from moving around on your head. Repeat this process with another strand of hair on the opposite side where you want the headband to be along your head. Continue braiding from there. Make sure the hair not included in the braid goes underneath it, so that it is hanging at the back of your head.

  3. Finish the braid

    Braid until you reach just above your other ear. Then add another strand to the braid from there as before, and end the braid just behind your ear. Tie the end of the braid secure with a small ponytail holder and bobby pins.