How Do You Make a Bow Tie?

Make a bow tie by cutting material from a template and sewing it together. You need a bow tie template, quilting cotton, fusible interfacing, an iron, a mini rotary cutter, a craft knife and a mat board. The whole process takes less than 60 minutes to complete.

  1. Make the bow tie pattern

    Print out the bow tie templates. Place the templates on the mat board, and cut around them to create the patterns. There should be a long piece and a short piece.

  2. Iron the fusible interfacing onto the fabric

    Measure 18 inches of lightweight non-woven fusible interfacing, and iron the interfacing on the wrong side of the quilting cotton fabric.

  3. Cut the quilting cotton

    Cut the quilting cotton with the attached interfacing into two 6-inch-by-22-inch pieces, and stack the pieces on top of each other. Place the patterns on the fabric, and use a rotary cutter to cut around the patterns.

  4. Sew the long and short pieces together

    Take a long piece and short piece of fabric, and place the angled ends together with the right sides together making a straight line. Stitch the two ends together. Stagger the bias seams, and finish stitching around the bow tie. Make sure to start stitching before the bias seam, and finish after the opposing one.

  5. Turn the bow right side out

    Turn the bow right side out through the open seam.

  6. Press the tie

    Press the tie with a hot iron to eliminate creases or wrinkles.

  7. Close the open seam

    To finish the tie, close the open seam using a slip stitch.