How Do You Make a Boutonniere?


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To make a boutonniere, prepare the flowers, choose the desired flower for the boutonniere, cut the flower stem to 3 inches in length, place the desired greenery behind the flower, and attach the stems to a 6-inch piece of floral wire with floral tape. Cut the wire off so it is 1 1/2 inches in length. Wrap the end of the wire around the tip of a pencil, and pinch the end of the tape-covered wire together.

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To prepare the flowers, remove undesired foliage and thorns. Hold the stems underwater, and cut approximately 2 inches off the stem. If the buds are closed, place the flowers in a container of hot water for 2 minutes to force blooming. Store the flowers in a container of cool water.

Choose greenery that extends beyond the sides of the flower but is barely visible at the top. Beginning at the base of the bloom, cover 3/4 inch of the stem with tape, trim the stems if necessary, and cover the remaining stem with tape by spiraling the tape downward.

After reaching the end of the stems, spiral the tape upward to the base of the flower. If desired, add a ribbon to the boutonniere after pinching the wire closed.

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