How Do I Make My Blue Eyes Stand Out?


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The best way to make blue eyes stand out is through makeup application and certain colored clothing. The complimentary color to blue is orange because, on the color wheel, orange is directly opposite blue. By definition, these colors work well together when used in a color scheme.

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How Do I Make My Blue Eyes Stand Out?
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When choosing a makeup that will make blue eyes stand out, the complimentary color is bronze, which is an orange-based color. Another thing to consider is the level of blue that the eyes are. There are four levels of blue eyes. A deep dark blue set of eyes works well with copper eye shadow and silver. Mid-level blue eyes, which show a very distinct color blue, work well with greys, silvers and blue eye shadows. For light blue eyes, soft colors should be used because the light blue can be overpowered by darker shades. Soft colors should be used when working with gray blue eyes.

For clothing that makes blue eyes stand out, there are several key options. Wearing any shade of blue with blue eyes will make the blue stand out. The depth of the hue of the color blue in the clothing can make the blue eyes either deepen or lighten in color. Wearing pink is also an option; it contrasts well with the color blue.

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