How Do You Make Blue Eyes Pop?

How Do You Make Blue Eyes Pop?

With the proper colors, one can make blue eyes pop with eyeliner and eye shadow.. Using an eye shadow and eyeliner in a shade of brown with dark blue mascara and nude lipstick will make the eyes pop.

  1. Use the right color eye shadow

    Brown eye shadows are ideal for blue eyes because the two colors work well together on the color spectrum. Try shades such as rose or terracotta. Use brown eye shadows for casual or office looks, or opt for more daring colors like plum or lavender for evening and formal looks.

  2. Create a wing with your eyeliner

    Winged liner always brings more attention to your eyes, so making blue eyes pop with winged liner is another simple method. You can even use orange, turquoise or violet liner. Simple black eyeliner also works well, especially for the office.

  3. Opt for a nude lipstick

    Creating a bold lip with reds or pinks can take the focus away from your baby blues, so opt for a nude lipstick. You can go for a glossy finish or stick to matte if you prefer. Natural lips also accent dramatic eye makeup well and can keep casual looks from appearing too dramatic.