How Do You Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer?

How Do You Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer?

Although there are a number of ways to make blue eyes appear bluer, Allure magazine recommends using specific makeup color schemes to achieve the look. These looks can be layered for higher intensity or used alone for a subtler yet still striking effect.

  1. Apply a rust, pink or purple-toned eye shadow

    Sweep a copper shade behind blue eyes. The warm hue highlights the striking contrast of the blue, making the eyes seem bluer. Apply a purple shade for the same effect but with a cool color. For a neutral look, use a pink palette with rich overtones, such as gold or bronze. Avoid blue shadows that draw attention away from the eyes.

  2. Line or highlight eyes with orange colors

    Use an orange eyeliner to line the eyes with a bright pop of color, or shade the eyelids in with a burnt orange shade of eye shadow. Orange is the complementary color to blue, and complementary colors appear bolder when used alongside each other.

  3. Highlight lash lines

    Apply a brightening highlighter on lower lash lines to help blue eyes stand out and appear larger. Use tone-matching, neutral shades like beige to keep the tactic natural-looking. Avoid harsh shades like white, which can create an opposite effect.