How Do You Make a Beauty Queen Sash?

How Do You Make a Beauty Queen Sash?

To make a beauty queen sash, cut two long, narrow rectangles on the bias grain, and sew together into a long tube with the right sides facing in. Flip the tube so the right sides face out, iron the seams, tack the ends together and decorate the sash.

  1. Measure and cut fabric

    Measure your body from the left shoulder to right hip where you want the sash to fall. Add 5 inches for a seam allowance and sash overlap. Cut four rectangles out of your sash fabric on the bias, with your chosen length and a width of 6 inches.

  2. Sew the sash

    Place two of your rectangles together with the right sides facing in, and sew along the long side. Repeat with the other two rectangles. Flip one tube inside out so the right sides are facing out. Slide the other tube over the flipped tube so the ends line up and the right sides of the fabric are facing in. Slide the end of the tubes over your sewing machine foot, and sew around the edges to join the tubes.

  3. Iron the seams

    Pull the top tube to turn it inside out, and place the seams on the inside. Iron the sash so the seams are sharp and flat; you may need to use a metal ruler inside the sash as a guide. On the ends of the tubes, fold the raw edges under, and iron the sash.

  4. Tack ends together and finish ends

    Use small hand stitches to sew the ends of the sash shut, making sure the raw edges are caught in the stitches. Lay the sash over your body and overlap the ends so the fit is correct. Use four or five small stitches to tack the ends together.

  5. Decorate the sash

    Use iron-on letters to add words to the sash. Alternatively, sew a decorative fringe or ribbon border to the bottom edge for extra decoration.