How Do You Make Your Beard Soft?

How Do You Make Your Beard Soft?

To make your beard soft, wash it with gentle shampoo, condition with coconut oil, comb with a boar-bristle brush, and increase your consumption of fatty acids. This daily softening regimen takes about 10 minutes and requires shampoo, olive or coconut oil, a boar-bristle brush and a source of fatty acids.

  1. Wash your beard

    Wash your beard after you wash your face. Use a gentle shampoo free of harsh ingredients and artificial fragrances. Rinse with warm water, and pat your beard dry with a soft towel.

  2. Condition your beard

    Scoop up a pea-sized amount of semi-solid coconut oil, rub it between your fingers to liquefy it, and anoint your beard. Apply additional oil if your beard is very long, dense or dry. Try to keep the oil on your beard and off of the underlying skin, especially if you have an oily complexion.

  3. Brush your beard

    Brush your beard with a boar-bristle brush. Boar bristles are naturally absorbent and help loosen dirt and distribute moisture throughout your beard. Daily brushing improves facial circulation and promotes luxurious beard growth.

  4. Eat more fatty acids

    Increase your dietary intake of fatty acids from foods such as salmon, walnuts and flax seeds. Fatty acids nourish and soften all types of body hair.