How Do You Make Your Bangs Grow Faster?

To grow your bangs with minimal fuss, trim and moisturize regularly to maintain hair health, sweep them to the side and develop hair styles that pull them back from the face. While hair grows at a general rate of 1/2 inch every month, growing out bangs painlessly makes it seem quicker. Growing out bangs requires moisturizer, hair spray, molding cream and hair jewelry.

  1. Trim the bangs regularly

    Get your bangs trimmed 1/8 inch every six weeks. This promotes healthy hair, which makes it grow out faster.

  2. Moisturize your hair regularly

    Another key to keeping hair healthy and strong is using a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment. Use a hair mask once a week for chemically processed hair and every other week for unprocessed hair.

  3. Style hair to the side

    Part your hair on the side, and sweep the bangs over. Use a strong-hold hairspray or heavy molding cream to hold the bangs in place and tame stray strands.

  4. Pin the hair back

    At a certain point, bangs are too long to hold back with product alone. Elle Magazine recommends using decorative pins to hold bangs back. Barrettes and clips work well, too.

  5. Use a headband

    Another option to pinning hair back is using a headband to push the short hairs off the face.

  6. Incorporate the bangs into a hairstyle

    Incorporate longer bangs into your hairstyle by twisting them back and tucking them into a ponytail or a bun. Pin the twist behind the ear if necessary. Alternatively, braid the hair away from your face.