How Do You Make a Baby Sling?

How Do You Make a Baby Sling?

Make a no-sew baby sling using 6 yards of soft fabric such as cotton or a cotton blend. The fabric needs to measure at least 4 feet wide in order to create a secure sling for the baby. This sling is adjustable as the baby grows.

  1. Cut, smooth, and fold the fabric

    Lay the chosen fabric on a long flat surface such as the living room floor or dining room table. Make sure that it is even, meets the length and width requirements, has no tears or holes, and is wrinkle free. Fold the fabric down the middle lengthwise so it measures 2 feet wide and 6 feet long.

  2. Cut the fabric

    Using fabric cutting scissors or a fabric cutting tool, cut the fabric down the fold. Make sure the two pieces are even in length and width after the cut is made.

  3. Create the sling

    Place both pieces of fabric around the waist with the middle of the fabric lengths touching the middle of the back just above the hips. Bring the fabric around the front of the body and cross the fabric in an "x" formation with the newly created straps hanging over the shoulders. Place the baby in front in a secure and comfortable position. Bring the straps around one at a time while holding the baby securely with one arm and hand. Tie the straps securely under the baby. Finish the sling by cutting off or tucking in excess fabric from the straps.