How Do You Make African American Hair Grow?

African American hair grows well when it is well conditioned and maintained in a gentle manner. Taking proper care of African American hair is essential for reducing breakage and maximizing hair growth.

According to WebMD, African American hair contains less moisture and is prone to breakage. Using rich moisturizers to treat African American hair repairs damaged ends and places hair in the optimum condition for growth. Applying hot oil treatments made of olive, jojoba, coconut or Vitamin E oil are excellent aids for inducing hair growth. Washing hair with a mild shampoo and nourishing conditioner once a week is recommended for maintaining a healthy head of hair and stimulating hair growth. African American hair also grows faster when consuming a balanced diet rich in vitamin B and biotin.

Proper hair-care styling methods prevent unnecessary breakage, causing the hair to grow longer over time. Using harsh styling methods causes African American hair to break, but a detangler can be used to reduce breakage, and a wide-tooth comb should be used for styling. Wearing protective hairstyles is recommended for preserving African American hair and reducing hair stress from daily styling methods. Avoid using high heat to dry or straighten African American hair, as this can strip away inner moisture and induce heat related damage. Limiting the use of chemicals in African American hair allows it to grow healthier.

Keeping the body hydrated and avoiding vitamin deficiencies by eating a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent dry, brittle hair that easily breaks. Regularly trimming 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair every six weeks to six months prevents split ends from moving up the hair shaft. It is easier to ensure African-American hair stays healthy by avoiding chemical relaxers, while minimizing the use of heat-based products and adopting hairstyles to protect the driest parts of the hair can further prevent breakage that affects hair growth.