How Do You Maintain Waterproof Leather Boots?

How Do You Maintain Waterproof Leather Boots?

Maintain leather boots by treating them with leather conditioner when new, keeping them clean and adding more waterproofing regularly. A few minutes spent treating the boots on a regular basis ensures they last longer.

  1. Treat the new boots

    Before wearing boots, treat them with a leather conditioner, especially at the bend points.

  2. Clean the boots diligently

    After each use, brush the boots to remove any dirt or dust. Avoid use of bar soap to clean the boots, as it attracts moisture. If you discover mold growing on the leather, wash with a 20 percent solution of vinegar. Clean the soles and treads of the boots to remove any debris.

  3. Remove any accumulation of mud

    For sturdy hiking or work boots, use a water hose to remove any mud before drying the boots. If necessary, use a mild castile soap to remove the mud. Remove the insoles and stuff the boots with newspaper. Do not place the boots near a heat source to dry.

  4. Add waterproofing regularly

    If water does not bead up on the surface of the leather, add more waterproofing. The product helps to prevent leaks and conditions the leather to prevent cracking. Most people do not apply waterproofing often enough.