How Do You Maintain Waterproof Boots?


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To maintain waterproof boots, remove the footbed and the laces from the boots. Clean the boots with soap or a soft scrub brush and a commercial boot cleaner. Rinse the boots, let them air dry, and apply a commercial waterproofing and conditioning agent to the boots.

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  1. Remove the laces and the footbed

    Pull out the removable footbed from the inside of each boot, then remove the laces from both of the boots.

  2. Remove the canuba wax or glycerin coating

    Use soap and water to wash the glycerin or canuba wax coating that came with the boots to keep them looking new until you purchased them. Alternatively, use a reputable boot manufacturer's soft brush and soap kit to clean the coating off of the boots. Let the boots air dry for several hours.

  3. Use a commercial boot waterproofing and conditioning product

    Use your fingers to apply a commercial boot waterproofing and conditioning product to the boots. Apply an additional coat, if necessary, to ensure that the boots are well-saturated with the product. When the product dries, use a boot polishing cloth to buff the boots to a high shine.

  4. Repeat the process several times throughout each year

    Rewash and recondition your boots every two months to maintain the water repelling mechanisms of the boots and keep the boots soft and supple.

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