How Do You Maintain a Beard?

How Do You Maintain a Beard?

To maintain a beard, wash it with shampoo, condition it, use products to keep it moisturized, blow it dry and trim it regularly. Maintaining a beard takes roughly 15 minutes a day and requires shampoo, conditioner, an electric trimmer, scissors, a comb and a beard product such as beard oil.

  1. Wash the beard

    Use moisturizing shampoo to wash the beard at least three times a week. This keeps both the hair and the skin underneath soft. Bar soap is too harsh for both the hair and the facial skin.

  2. Condition the beard

    Beards can get wiry if not conditioned regularly. Every time you wash the beard, apply a thick moisturizing conditioner. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out.

  3. Apply product to the hair

    To keep the beard shiny and soft, apply a product such as leave-in conditioner or beard oil every day after showering.

  4. Style the beard

    For a full beard, blow dry the beard up from the chin to create volume. Once the beard is dry, blow the hairs down with the dryer. Comb the beard into place.

  5. Trim the beard

    The method for trimming a beard depends on its length. If it is all the same length, use hair clippers and the appropriate guard to trim the whole beard. For a beard that's straight, pull it down with the comb and use the scissors to trim the ends. Either way, follow up by using the trimmers to create a straight line across the neck and each cheek.