What Are the Main Causes of Smelly Feet in Teenage Boys?

The main causes of smelly feet in teenage boys are hormonal changes that cause more sweating and wearing the same shoes every day, according to WebMD. Teenage boys who do not wash their feet often enough and who play sports are more susceptible to smelly feet.

Teenagers and pregnant women get smelly feet more than other people because their bodies experience hormone changes, says WebMD. They should wear the same pair of shoes no more than every other day to allow sweat in the shoes to dry before they are worn again. Otherwise, bacteria grow in the moisture, and a cheesy smell results. Feet should be washed and dried at least once a day and socks changed daily. Antiperspirant or spray deodorant can help in serious cases, as can ventilated socks and antibacterial socks.

Socks made of cotton or wool allow feet to breathe better and help reduce odor formation, says KidsHealth. Shoes should be relatively loose, so that feet do not sweat more than they have to. Insoles should be washed as well, and teenagers should avoid shoes made of plastic. Going barefoot also allows feet to air out, but being barefoot outdoors too much can lead to bacteria on the feet. Towels should not be shared, as sharing promotes the spread of bacteria.