What Are Some of Madame C.J. Walker's Products?

Madame C.J. Walker's products include shampoo, conditioner, creams and scalp treatments. These products are specially designed to promote growth, strength and shine in African-American hair.

Criteria Vegetable Shampoo is a 99.8 percent vegan shampoo that includes honey, tea tree oil and thyme for naturally clean, nourished hair. It is safe for adults, children and infants. The shampoo works to remove dirt from the hair without drying out hair strands.

Criteria Moisturizing Conditioner is also nearly 100 percent natural and features shea butter, avocado, jojoba and vitamin E. It improves hair health, reduces tangles and breakage, moisturizes and stimulates the scalp for hair growth. The conditioner is safe for chemically treated hair.

Madame C.J. Walker offers several scalp treatments. Temple Salve soothes dry, itching skin and can prevent hair loss at the temple. Hair and Scalp Preparation also relives itching and dryness as well as helping to strengthen brittle hair. Scalp Ointment works to control excessive dandruff and comforts dry scalps.

Hapi Locs Cream features marula oil, making it ideal for use before creating dreadlocks and twists. It helps to hydrate hair so that tight styles last longer. Conditioning Cream Hairdress is usable daily or as a deep conditioning treatment. It improves natural oil balance, manageability and shine.