Does LUSH Make Unscented Soap?


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LUSH does not advertise any unscented soaps on its website. It does, however, list every ingredient in each of its cosmetic products, so it's possible to avoid a particular fragrance or oil when purchasing a specific product.

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LUSH lists and describes every ingredient used in its products on the Lushopedia, found on its website. As a company, LUSH is committed to providing fresh, natural and ethically sourced cosmetics and minimizing its use of synthetics. LUSH uses a few "safe synthetics" in its products but lists them and explains the reasons for using them in the Lushopedia.

Although LUSH does not make any unscented soaps, several of its soaps have mild, generally enjoyable scents. Most reviewers wrote that the Porridge soap had a pleasant smell, as of 2015. This soap boasts a warm caramel scent and is great for sensitive skin. Another well-reviewed soap is the Sexy Peel. This exfoliating soap has a bright, citrus scent that 403 out of 449 reviewers enjoyed.

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