What Do Lumberjacks Wear?

Cutting and logging wood is not easy, and protective clothing must be worn during the job. Hard hats, eye shields, hearing protection, chaps and gloves are items that lumberjacks usually wear on the job. This protects the workers from debris and wood that tend to fly everywhere during the process.

Stereotypically, lumberjacks are visualized in plaid flannels and overalls, but in actuality the loggers wear durable protective gear. The rather expensive gear can be purchased online and at specialty stores. Wearing the proper attire helps prevent any physical harm.

The hard hats worn usually have shields that flip over the eyes to protect them from debris. Gloves and chaps help protect the soft areas from harm done by the chainsaw. Hearing protection is also necessary. The environment of a lumberjack can be loud, especially with the chainsaws.

Under the protective gear, a lumberjack can wear nearly anything he wants. Many are seen wearing comfortable, layered clothing. Climate plays a huge role in what a lumberjack decides to wear under their gear, but denim jeans are almost always worn due to their durability.

While having all the most durable and high-quality gear helps prevent injuries, it cannot protect a lumberjack from everything. No amount of protective gear can protect a worker from falling trees and branches.