How Is Luggage Rated?

How Is Luggage Rated?

While methods for rating luggage vary according to consumer rating groups, there are some luggage rating criteria used by these groups that are similar, such as durability, storage space and price. The Outdoor Gear Lab website also includes the empty weight of the luggage, its aesthetics and the additional features for their own luggage ratings, while the Smarter Travel website criteria includes the material that is used in the luggage, height, maneuverability and locks for their carry-on luggage rating system.

There are important considerations when it comes to luggage. The following are some of properties that should be examined and evaluated according to one's requirements when on the lookout for luggage.

Build Quality

Luggage varies according to the fabric and material used, as well as its type of construction. Some of the more durable fabric includes tough polyesters that are put together using double stitching. Others are made with polycarbonate shells that are both tough and lightweight.


Regardless of how light one travels, a more maneuverable luggage makes for a more convenient trip. Handles and wheels make it easier to move heavy luggage around, while lightweight luggage makes it easier to stuff smaller luggage into overhead compartments.


Well-planned storage and organizational compartments in a piece of luggage will make it easier for travelers to sort out belongings. Extra compartments for shoes, electronic devices, laptops and personal care items are ideal for most travelers.