What Do Lowlights Look Like?


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Lowlights are darker colored strands of hair that a hair colorist adds to an individuals base hair color. Lowlights are added to create warmth in an individuals hair color.

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Lowlights counteract overly light, or one-dimensionally light, hair. Consequently, they are quite popular at the end of the summer, when individuals tend to have lightened hair color as a result of being in the sun.

There are three ways to obtain lowlights in your hair. The first, and most common, is through the use of foils. When adding lowlights with foils, a hair colorist takes strands of hair, covers them with hair color, places them on a piece of foil and then folds the foil up to enclose the hair. Another method is balyage, wherein a colorist merely takes a color brush and paints the hair with color where they see fit. Finally, for much shorter hair, caps are a good option. In this method, a colorist places a latex or rubber cap on a clients head and uses a hook to pull hair through holes in the cap, which they then cover with color.

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