What Are Lowlights?


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Lowlights are dark strands of hair that complement a person who has light or blonde hair. Lowlights are used to make the hair appear darker without dyeing the entire head of hair.

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What Are Lowlights?
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Lowlights are the opposite of highlights, which are light hair strands that correspond with darker hair. Lowlights maintain a natural hair color base that has balance and dimension, and this style is meant to blend in the hair instead of standing out.

Lowlights can come in different colors, including black, red or auburn. People who have blonde or light-brown hair are best suited to sport lowlights. Copper and gold coloring are the best forms of lowlights to apply on light hair, especially for blondes with fair skin. Dark colors are also a better choice during the winter, when the skin grows paler.

Lowlights are least effective on those who have dark or black hair. However, people with dark hair who want to go a shade darker can achieve lowlights with the use of balayage or foil. Red lowlights work well on brunettes whose hair is turning lighter, since the hair needs to go through a red shade before turning light.

Hairstylists may use both highlights and lowlights when styling the hair. For instance, a person can get 80 percent highlights but 20 percent lowlights for an overall lighter appearance. Dark hair is the end result if lowlights are mostly prominent.

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