What Is a Low-EMF Hair Dryer?


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A low-EMF hairdryer is one that reduces the amount of electric and magnetic fields emitted by the hairdryer motor. For anyone wishing to reduce exposure to EMF, it is recommended to towel dry the hair or use a low-EMF hairdryer. Ceramic and ionic hairdryers are generally low-EMF appliances. Typical hairdryers emit a high amount of extremely low-frequency EMFs that may be carcinogenic to humans.

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The use of regular hairdryers expose the user to a large amount of EMFs because of the amount of electricity needed to power the device. With most appliances, the highest point of EMF exposure is where the electricity enters the appliance. If the user can maintain distance from this point, the EMF exposure is limited.

With a hairdryer, the motor and the electrical wiring are used right beside the head, increasing the amount of possibly toxic exposure. Hairdryers release directional EMFs when they are being used and when they are plugged into an electrical outlet but not turned on.

EMFs are considered to be a form of invisible pollution. Prolonged exposure to high levels of EMF may cause an increased chance of developing some cancers, leukemia in children and possibly Alzheimer's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease.

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