What Are Some Louis Vuitton Items?


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Louis Vuitton is famous for selling items for both men and women, such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry. They are most known for their wide selection of handbags.

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What Are Some Louis Vuitton Items?
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When shopping at a Louis Vuitton store, customers of both genders will find items such as reversible belts, message scarves, and sunglasses. If shopping in the women's department, the customer will see boots of all styles, flats and sandals. Louis Vuitton stores sell jewelry and a very wide variety of accessories, including ties, key chains, card holders and cuff links. Louis Vuiton is most famous for their wide variety of handbags, including the Lock it collection, the Bastille, the Twin set and the Neverfull. Each collection comes in a variety of colors.

Other products popular at the Louis Vuiton stores are their collections of luggage. Along with their rolling, soft and hard luggage, Louis Vuitton also sells travel accessories such as cosmetic cases, daily organizers, sunglass cases, passport covers and dog carriers. Louis Vuitton also sells guide and travel books. The latest in its collection of ready-to-wear clothing will also be on display. Louis Vuitton products can be purchased in stores, off their website or in its catalogue.

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