What Are Some Lotions Without Parabens?


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Some paraben-free lotion and skin care brands include Aveda, Burt's Bees, Dr. Hauschka, Korres and Pangea Organics. Many of these products can be found online or in health and beauty stores that are centered around chemical- and toxin-free products.

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Many products contained parabens in the past as a preservative to prevent bacteria growth in cosmetics. New studies show that parabens contain agents that mimic estrogen in the body, causing problems linked to reproductive issues and breast cancer. For this reason, many skin care and beauty lines have stopped using parabens in their products, opting instead to use more natural ways to prevent bacteria.

To promote healthy living, Aveda chooses to use plant-based ingredients rather than parabens or other harmful chemicals in its products. The company claims that by using naturally derived products that are sourced from sustainable and renewable plant-based origins, it can continue to produce high-quality skincare lines that are certified organic and do not negatively impact the ecosystems they are derived from.

A study was conducted and published in 2004 that detected parabens in breast cancer tissue. The study did not definitively prove whether parabens are a cause of cancer or abnormal cell growth because it did not compare cancerous tissue to normal tissue.

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