How Do You Loosen Curls?

How Do You Loosen Curls?

Loosen curls by washing and deep conditioning hair, scrunching excess water out with your hands and separating the hair into sections. Apply styling cream to the sections, and braid or twist each section. Allow the hair to air dry, then untwist or unbraid the hair, and fluff it out with your fingers.

  1. Wash and deep condition hair

    Wash your hair using the shampoo of your choice twice, and then scrunch out the excess water with your fingers. Apply conditioner from the roots to the tips. Put your hair in a plastic cap, and allow the conditioner to saturate the hair for about 10 minutes. Rinse out the conditioner in cold water.

  2. Separate hair

    Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb, and separate it into several sections. Apply styling cream to each section as you go. Spray detangler on any knots, and work them out with your fingers.

  3. Twist or braid the hair

    Grasp one of the sections with your hands, and twist or braid it. Continue this process on all sections. Allow the twists or braids to air dry.

  4. Remove the twists or braids

    Untwist or unbraid each section one at a time when they are completely dry. Run your fingers through your hair gently to further separate the loose curls or twists.