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To achieve an emo look, individuals often opt for jet black hair cut in jagged edges with bold highlights. For clothing, a variety of colors are acceptable with tight shirts, vintage jeans and skirts. The emo look revolves around a rock music movement from the 1980s that emphasizes emotion and despair.

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Girls and boys dressed in an emo style often wear shirts that possess an image or quote on the front covered by a hoodie jacket in a variety of colors. Girls often wear a tunic or jersey dress that incorporates a corset bodice or a strapless top. This is often accompanied with stockings, pantyhose and leggings that display a black fishnet appearance or a ripped, striped texture. Fuller skirts are also layered with shirts and leggings or knee-length socks.

Clothing with laces and bold accents and colors on top of black jeans or pants are characteristic of the emo look. The shoes worn usually consist of Converse tennis shoes with brightly colored shoelaces. Girls with the emo look also wear ballet flats.

Noteable accessories with the emo look include studded belts, plain beads in bright colors, hair bands and bows and chunky bracelets. Many who embody the emo look have multiple piercings on the lip, tongue, belly button or eyebrows.

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