How Do You Look Cute in One-Piece Bathing Suits?

How Do You Look Cute in One-Piece Bathing Suits?

Looking great in a one-piece bathing suit is a matter of choosing swimwear that works for your body and style preferences. A bathing suit that accentuates the curves, and features a variety of colors and patterns can be especially flattering.

  1. Know your body type

    Choose a bathing suit that complements the way your body is shaped and highlights your best physical features. For instance, women with an athletic shape and want to give the illusion of curves must choose a suit with a pattern in the center and contrasting print on the sides, while plus-size women are advised to choose high-cut, zebra print bathing suits.

  2. Choose the right accessories

    Select accessories that look great with the bathing suit. For example, a wide-brim hat can look both fun and sophisticated with a one-piece bathing suit. Choose a tote bag that matches the colors in the bathing suit to carry to the beach.

  3. Get your body in good condition

    Make adjustments to your workout routine, if necessary, once you have found the bathing suit that is right for you. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and eliminate junk food to get rid of extra pounds. Remove any unwanted body hair before putting on the bathing suit.