How Do You Get Longer Eyelashes?


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Individuals can foster eyelash growth by removing makeup every night, eating a proper diet, massaging their eyelids, applying petroleum jelly to the eyelids and gently brushing the lashes. Applying certain natural oils daily can also promote growth.

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The removal of eye makeup each night opens up the pores of the eyelids, which promotes growth. Including fruits and vegetables in the diet, and taking Vitamin E supplements daily encourage further progress. Stimulate the hair follicles of eyelashes by gently massaging the eyelids daily. Start on the outside of the eyes and move inward. Opening the follicles allows lashes the opportunity to grow. Petroleum jelly, applied with a cotton swab or lash brush, also promotes eyelash growth. Apply the jelly after removing makeup before bed time. It takes some time, but once the lashes begin to grow and thicken, the results are very noticeable.

Brushing lashes with a small lash brush removes dirt and residual grime from the lashes to promote a better look and to reduce the chances of breakage. Olive oil and other natural oils applied directly on the lashes allow them to remain moisturized. Moisturized lashes have a minimal chance of drying out and then subsequently falling out.

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