How Long Will It Take You to Get a Tan on a Sunbed?

While sunbed tanning results are largely affected by the quality of the sunbed, the user's genetics and the type of products the individual is using, expect to see a difference in skin tone after around three to five tanning sessions, according to 4 Seasons Tanning. Some people are more susceptible to ultraviolet rays, which means they will develop a tan significantly quicker than others, suggests the American Journal of Human Genetics.

Indoor tanning with the use of a sunbed or tanning bed allows users to receive UV rays that will darken their skin after several sessions. Tanning bed salons advertise that tanning beds are safer than tanning outside because the user is able to control the amount of UV rays they are receiving, and that users should see a change in skin tone after as little as two or three sessions, according to 4 Seasons Tanning. The use of tanning lotions and sprays will make individuals experience a tan quicker, but could also cause burns or skin irritation, suggests Harvard Health Publication.

While individuals who tan are able to leave the tanning booth at any time, the effectiveness of the tanning booth is largely based off of the quality of the bulbs used in the booths and the genetics of the user. Many use tanning beds as a means to receive a base tan to prevent sunburn, but sunbeds only help prevent sunburn as well as a sunscreen of around 4 SPF, notes Harvard Health Publications.