How Long Should You Allow Between Coloring and Perming Your Hair?


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Customers should allow at least two weeks between perming and coloring hair. The perm should always be applied before the coloring if the two are not performed at the same time. Applying the perm involves a neutralizing step that requires hydrogen peroxide to be applied as an oxidizer.

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The hydrogen peroxide can have the unintended effect of bleaching or lightening the hair or otherwise reacting with the color that was applied, especially if the color had a synthetic base. Most stylists generally advise clients to give the perm a couple of weeks to relax and normalize before returning for a color, as long as the hair is otherwise healthy, and the client suffers no adverse reaction from the perm. This also affords the client the opportunity to rehydrate and renourish the hair so it is at its optimal health at the time of coloring.

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