How Long Does It Take for a Perm to Grow Out?

A perm should grow out in about a year. At this point, the relaxed hair can be cut off, leaving behind a short, natural hairstyle.

Produced by chemically relaxing or setting hair into waves or curls, the perm is as permanent as the name implies. There is no way to restore the natural texture of permed hair. However, it is possible to grow out permed hair and restore a natural hairstyle. This is a long process that can take up to a year for a short hairstyle to grow out. Essence Magazine states that human hair grows at a rate of about a quarter inch per month. Those who want a long hair style may have to keep growing hair out for a second year.

African Americans will really notice the natural texture returning to their hair when it grows out about 5 inches. It is difficult to allow hair to reach this point as chemically relaxed hair is prone to breakage at the point where the old hair meets the new growth. Additionally, the new growth texture may be dramatically different from the texture of the relaxed strands, making it difficult to style. With persistence and patience, it is possible to grow out the hair and restore natural texture.