How Long Do Highlights Last?

long-highlights-last Credit: Jacob Wackerhausen/E+/Getty Images

Highlights are a permanent hair treatment. However, as hair grows, an individual's natural color will grow in, even in places where the highlights have been applied.

Although it is tough to precisely dictate how long highlights will last, the best way for individuals to figure this out is for them to get an idea of how fast their hair grows. Four to eight weeks is the generally expected amount of time between each salon visit, so ideally, an individual could get highlights that would last that span of time. If the highlights are close to a person's natural hair color, less upkeep will be required because as the natural hair color grows in, it will fade into the highlights in an appealing fashion.

Cosmopolitan magazine suggests putting highlights under a top layer of hair or behind the ears as a couple of ways to extend the life of highlights. This is the method that various celebrities use to achieve a "lighter-at-the-ends" look.

When individuals have color treated hair, they must take great care to maintain their hair's health. Stylists suggest avoiding products that contain alcohol, as they can dry out the hair. This is particularly important for those with highlights.