How Do You Get Long Healthy Hair?

Growing long, healthy hair requires eating nourishing foods, using care with heat, managing stress and avoiding damage. Even simple things, such as washing and conditioning hair, can help grow long, strong, healthy locks.

Nourish hair from the inside out. Include plenty of protein in the diet to give the body what it needs to grow healthy, strong hair. Try salmon, eggs and Greek yogurt. Include other foods such as sweet potatoes, lentils, walnuts, spinach and blueberries to get the vitamins and minerals hair needs to be healthy and grow long.

Don't use too much heat on hair. Using heat to style hair every day can cause it to break. Heat styling is often associated with shorter, less healthy hair. Give hair a break from heat a few days a week to promote growth and health.

Keep stress in check. Living a stressed-out life can cause hair to grow slowly or not at all. Stress can also lead to hair loss and can keep the body from processing healthy foods into something hair follicles can use to grow longer, stronger hair.

Avoid damage to hair. To avoid breakage, don't wear hair in the same style every day. Use products that offer protection from UV rays. Give hair extra conditioning if it has been exposed to excess heat or styling. A weekly hair mask can help reverse damage and promote long, healthy strands.