How Do You Get Long Eyelashes?

To maximize the growth of your eyelashes, be careful when cleansing, and start an evening routine that includes applying a conditioning agent and massaging the eyelids. In the morning, brush your eyelashes, and apply mascara formulated to grow lashes.

  1. Cleanse carefully

    Before bed, remove eye makeup with a cotton cloth and eye makeup remover. Use a gentle formula. Avoid rubbing or tugging, as this may pull or break the eyelashes.

  2. Apply petroleum jelly to your eyelid

    Every night before bed, use a cotton swab to apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to your eyelids.

  3. Apply natural oils

    As an alternative to petroleum jelly, use a cotton swab to apply a natural oil to the eyelashes themselves before bed. Use coconut, jojoba, castor or olive oil, all of which contain minerals, vitamins and lengthening agents. Oils also moisturize the eyelashes, plumping them up.

  4. Massage the eyelids

    After applying petroleum jelly or a natural oil, gently pat the eyelid near the lash line with the pad of your ring finger. This stimulates the flow of blood, which makes lashes grow stronger and longer. Avoid rubbing, as this pulls the skin and can cause wrinkles.

  5. Brush the eyelashes

    Use a brush especially designed for the eyelashes. Using a gentle stroke, brush the eyelashes up. Do this daily before applying mascara.

  6. Use a lash accelerator mascara

    Select a mascara formulated to accelerate growth of the eyelashes.

  7. Take vitamin E

    Vitamin E maximizes the growth of your eyelashes. Take a vitamin E supplement daily.