How Long Does De Luxe Nadinola Non-Oily Bleaching Cream Take to Even Your Skin Tone?

De Luxe Nadinola non-oily bleaching cream takes four weeks to even out the skin tone. This cream lightens spots, removes sun tan and brightens the complexion.

De Luxe Nadinola non-oily bleaching cream is a hydroquinone-based skin cream. Hydroquinone has a bleaching action that counters melanin concentration in parts of the body. It helps fade skin discolorations caused by aging, acne scars and sun spots. This cream is also used to lighten the knees, the elbows and the knuckles. It has a moisturizing action that improves the skin tone and hydrates the skin. The non-oily formula does not clog pores. Using a sunscreen and avoiding direct sun exposure improves the effectiveness of this bleaching cream.