What Are Some Locations That Sell Henna?

locations-sell-henna Credit: Paper Boat Creative/Taxi/Getty Images

Walmart.com, Michaels.com and Amazon.com are some locations that sell henna body art products. Some of the henna products come in complete kits, while others are available as individual dyes or raw henna leaves.

Amazon.com has a large selection of henna products including multi-color cone applicator packs, complete kits, henna powder and application accessories. Products and kits from many sources are available, including Bansuri, Silk & Stone, Nature's Body Art, Henna City and Lakaye Studio.

Walmart has body painting kits from Jacquard Mehndi and Earth Henna available in different sizes and kit combinations. Most of the kits come with a variety of application tools, henna powder and eucalyptus oil. Stencil kits are available as well. Michael's also stocks kits from Jacquard Mehndi.