What Are Some Locations of Men's Wearhouse?

What Are Some Locations of Men's Wearhouse?

The retail clothing store Men's Wearhouse has locations in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. Men's Wearhouse also has several locations in Midwestern states and states along the East Coast.

Men's Wearhouse was founded in 1973 and has corporate offices in Houston, Texas, and executive offices in Freemont, California. The first Men's Wearhouse locations were in Houston, Texas, before the chain expanded into California in the mid-1980s.

As of October 2011, Men's Wearhouse had 597 store locations nationwide. After its initial spread to California, Men's Wearhouse concentrated on expanding its brand throughout the Southwest and went on to establish locations in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and other neighboring states. Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois also acquired Men's Wearhouse locations in the mid-1990s.

As the 1990s continued, Men's Wearhouse opened locations in New York, Washington D.C. and Maryland. Other states with Men's Wearhouse locations are Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana. The Men's Wearhouse website has a store locator in which users can enter a city name, ZIP code or state name to find the nearest Men's Wearhouse store.

Men's Wearhouse has a Canadian affiliate of chain stores called Moores, Clothing for Men. This company has over 100 locations across various Canadian provinces and is based in Toronto, Ontario.