How Do You Find a Local Seamstress?

How Do You Find a Local Seamstress?

To find local seamstresses, check the yellow pages and other business directories. Additionally, use, and's seamstress directory page to find more options. Also check and because some seamstresses advertise their businesses on those sites.

To find an expert seamstress, educate yourself about the clothes-making process. Gain a basic knowledge of fashion and construction by reading a few articles on clothing design and stitching. Learning about fashion -- a key tool in picking a well-trained seamstress -- helps you differentiate poorly made garments from expertly crafted ones.

Next, narrow your seamstress search by reading Yelp and City Search reviews of local ones. Additionally, ask friends, family members and high-end boutique owners for seamstress recommendations. Then, visit the highly reviewed and recommended ones on your list.

Ask the seamstresses to show you some of her best past work. With your basic design knowledge, thoroughly examine the seam work. Next, give your seamstress a garment for a test project. Make sure you pick an inexpensive item to have tailored, because you are only testing the seamstress to decide if you want her to work on more expensive pieces. Therefore, you do not want to risk an expensive garment being ruined by faulty tailoring.

After picking a seamstress, discuss in-depth the alterations, because it helps her completely understand your personal garment needs.