What Is a Lizard King Tattoo?

In popular culture, Jim Morrison is associated with the phrase "lizard king" because of the Doors lyrics "I am the lizard king/ I can do anything." However, the term can also relate to a skateboarder and tattoo collector named Lizard King or the Dungeon and Dragons character of the same name.

Lizard king tattoos as an homage to Jim Morrison quite often incorporate a crowned, tribal-style lizard with Morrison's image inside the body. Originally designed by an artist on DeviantArt named Corcullah, this lizard king tattoo is sometimes modified with the crown being separated from the head, or with Morrison's face being large enough to effectively cut the lizard in half. However, lizard king tattoos have also been of Morrison with scales all over his body.

Tattoo artist Katelyn Crane has a musical tribute half sleeve. Her Lizard King is a standard lizard with a crown on its head. Other tribute tattoos are in this style. While the Corcullah tattoo is typically in black, some people color in between the tribal designs. Lizards with crowns on their heads can be either gray-scale or colored.

Skateboarder Lizard King is known for having many tattoos, including his dog's name on the side of his head and several related to Satan.