Do Lip Piercings Hurt?

Lip piercings do hurt, but many find that their lip piercings hurt a lot less than they expected. Once the piercer has clamped the lip, he swiftly pierces the lip, causing a short, sharp sensation that is followed by the insertion of the jewelry.

Pain is subjective, but many find they experience some form of discomfort during any piercing. Lip piercings are easy for a skilled piercer to perform, and they are done very quickly. Healing a lip piercing by using solution of ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to 1 cup of water decreases any swelling and pain after the procedure. The piercer should fit the customer with appropriate jewelry, either a labret bar or a captive bead ring made from a high-quality metal, such as surgical steel or titanium. The piercer should sterilize all equipment and should be experienced and competent at lip piercings.