How Do I Lighten My Hair From Red to Blond?

To lighten your hair from red to blond, prewash and condition it, bleach the strands, wash with color-toning shampoo and apply toner. Use a deep-conditioning treatment to soften and protect your hair.

  1. Use a preshampoo and deep-conditioning treatment

    A few days before bleaching your hair, use a preshampoo and deep-conditioning treatment to protect your hair from being damaged by the bleach. The pretreatment locks in moisture that is stripped away by bleaching.

  2. Bleach your hair

    Use a trusted brand of home-bleaching kit, or consider going to a professional salon to bleach your hair. There is always a risk of damaging your hair when bleaching. Red hair can require more than one bleach treatment, so there is a greater risk of damage. If any problems arise when bleaching at home, do not try to fix the problem yourself. Go to a salon to correct the problem.

  3. Wash with a purple-toned shampoo

    Brassy orange tones often result after bleaching red hair. To minimize the appearance of orange tones, wait at least 24 hours after bleaching, then wash your hair with a purple-toned shampoo. Apply a purple toner, and leave the toner in your hair for at least 15 minutes.

  4. Treat your hair weekly with a preconditioning treatment

    Use a deep-conditioning treatment daily to repair and protect your hair. Once a week, apply the same preconditioning treatment you used before bleaching your hair.