How Do You Lighten Hair With Honey?

How Do You Lighten Hair With Honey?

Lightening hair with honey involves applying it to the hair, along with other ingredients, for varying lengths of time and to give the treatment added benefits, such as hair moisturizing and nourishment. Honey has mild lightening effects on the hair because it contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Homemade hair lightening treatments with honey may take just a few minutes or may need to be left overnight.

The following shows a few methods for using honey to lighten hair.

  1. Overnight treatment
  2. Mix honey with just enough water or vinegar to thin it out and make it less syrupy. This will make it easier to wash the treatment off the following day. Apply the solution to the hair, making sure that it is completely distributed throughout. Wear a shower cap and let it sit on the hair overnight. Wash and rinse the hair first thing the next day.

  3. Honey with olive oil
  4. Mix up a batch of honey with olive oil that is enough to cover the hair. Banana may be added to the blend to give it an added nourishing effect. Use a blender to ensure that the treatment is evenly mixed and well blended. Apply the treatment to the hair and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off.

  5. Honey with conditioner
  6. Mix one part honey with two parts conditioner and then apply to the hair. Leave on for about 30 to 40 minutes before washing off.