For What Is Lidex Cream Used?

People use Lidex cream for the itching and inflammation that occurs with certain skin conditions. This cream is a topical adrenocortical steroid and doctors do not fully understand how it works.

Patients typically need to apply Lidex cream two to four times daily by applying a thin layer of the cream to the affected area. When it comes to psoriasis and conditions that are stubborn to treatments, patients may need to put an occlusive dressing on the affected area after applying the cream. An occlusive dressing is a type of dressing that is water tight and airtight and usually has a waxing coating on it.

Lidex cream is not appropriate for everyone, and women who are pregnant, people taking prednisone and people with any skin injuries should avoid this cream. Skin injuries include infections, scrapes, cuts and areas of the skin with reduced blood flow. The most common side effects with this cream include itching and dryness at the application site. The more severe side effects include rash, excessive hair growth, muscle weakness, skin discoloration, skin thinning, unusual weight gain, cracking or burning of the skin and skin peeling. If any of the serious side effects occur, patients should seek immediate medical attention.