How Do You Find Legitimate Platinum Buyers?


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Most types of platinum can be sold as scrap, and an Internet search provides several options. Look for a company such as Metallix that has multiple reviews, posted rates and contact information including a phone number and physical address. For platinum jewelry, your options vary based on the value, but your best option is to sell in person.

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How Do You Find Legitimate Platinum Buyers?
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The Ross Jewelry Company lists several guidelines to follow when selling jewelry. If you are looking to sell a few pieces of jewelry quickly, your best bet is to find a local jeweler with a good reputation. A jeweler offers significantly less than the jewelry is worth, but you won't have to sell online.

You may want to sell particularly valuable pieces on your own. This gets you more money than a jeweler would give you, but takes longer and requires more effort. Listing individual pieces on a website such as Amazon is a safe bet as they have several protections in place for both buyers and sellers.

If you want to sell jewelry in person, you can place ads in your local newspaper, in public places and online. There are a few things to remember when selling in person. First, never give out your address, and if possible, store the jewelry in a safe deposit box. Second, always meet in a safe public place like a police station. Lastly, remember that even selling in person you can expect to receive between 10 and 30 percent less than the appraisal value of the jewelry.

Finally, regardless of the method you choose, have the pieces appraised and collect any existing paperwork or receipts.

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