What Is an LED Light for Nails?


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An LED light for nails is designed to instantly harden certain types of nail gels to facilitate beautiful and stylish fingernail fashions. There are many different brands available that can be purchased where quality nail polishes and beauty supplies are sold.

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According to one nailsmag.com article, an LED light is actually a type of UV light specifically designed to harden fingernail gels or nail extensions. These lights do not work on regular types of nail polish or acrylic extensions, only with those products created to harden under specific light wavelengths. Using the types of gels that harden under LED lights allows for a long-lasting nail finish and beautiful enduring extensions. It is not unusual for LED-cured manicures to last three weeks or more without any peeling, chipping or cracking. Some people also prefer gel extensions because they feel more natural than the acrylic nail extensions that are also commonly used.

The LED lights have some advantages over non-LED UV lights such as longer-lasting bulbs. This advantage is offset slightly because the bulb is not generally replaced in an LED nail lamp. The entire lamp is simply replaced when it eventually wears out. LED lamps are also lighter and require less power to use than other UV lights. They can harden gels faster than other types of lights. LED lights are typically found in professional nail salons or manicure shops rather than in the home.

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